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Falstaff: A Hoss Opera

As his last opera, Verdi composed the music for Falstaff: A Comedy in Three Acts by Arrigo Boito. I always thought that the larger-than-life character of Falstaff could be nicely transposed to the wild American West, circa 1870s. So I did just that. Falstaff: A Hoss Opera is a liberal re-write of Boito’s libretto and might see a staged reading this season as I start pulling the theatrical pulleys and levers that make that kind of thing happen. Stay tuned.

Mechanical Town

What if you were the only human in a town full of robots? Nick Kubert and his dog Muffin move to Mechanical Town and a week later Nick finds himself in a head-to-head competition with a gaggle of mechanical kids for one of the few summer jobs in “M-TOWN.” This is my self-professed robo-tastic classic that I wrote lo so many years ago and is now available on Amazon.

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